About us

We are a collection of entrepreneurs, technologists, creatives and scientists who are passionate about creating equitable and unbiased AI that improves human lives with a genuine privacy approach. That’s a mouthful, but if you follow what we’re doing, you’ll see that come out in what we say, do and build.

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Meet the Makers

Our Founding Team

Our founding team collectively built north of ten startups.

Suman Kanuganti

Founder, Entrepreneur

Sharon Zhang

Co-Founder, Tech

Kristie Kaiser

Co-Founder, UX

Marc Ettlinger

Co-Founder, Science
Kristie Kaiser
“We search for information, but we recall our memories”
Suman Kanuganti — Founder & CEO

We are Human AI

Man refers to the humanity and mankind as a whole. Hu.man refers to individuality of a human being. Hu.man.ai refers to an AI of an individual in its most purest form.

Our mark is made up of two entities – the human and the AI. The human and the AI are interacting and conversing but still have two distinct forms that reflect their identities. Their shapes are off balance, embracing the imperfection of human and artificial intelligence.

Our colors are inspired by our name. Human and mankind is black, white, and brown. Purple represents AI. It’s not attached to earth, water, or trees, but it can occasionally be seen in the night sky. Purple represents something beyond human. Something mysterious, magical, and powerful.